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Effective Pest Prevention & Control

Protect your family or your clients from unwanted critters with our reliable pest prevention and pest control services. When you hire Boatman's Pest Control in San Bernardino, California, insect and rodent invaders don't stand a chance.

Complete Bug Control

The moment you see something crawling inside, contact our extermination company to come remove the problem. Whether you own a private residence or a commercial building, the team at Boatman's Pest Control will design an Integrated Pest Management System that is targeted to your individual circumstance. We treat all types of common pests, such as:
• Roaches
• Ants
• Fire Ants
• Spiders
• Bees
• Bed Bugs
• Silverfish
• Water Bugs
• Beetles
• Crickets
• Hornets
• Wasps
• Yellow Jackets
• Carpet Beetles
• Mice
• Fleas
• Ticks
• Earwigs
• Rats
• And More
Our Approach
Keep bugs from ever getting inside by letting us advise you on proven pest prevention techniques for your home, such as trimming trees, bushes, shrubs, and grass. It also helps to remove piles of wood and debris from nearby areas. To ensure that your home stays bug-free, we provide regular professional pest control services that can include:
• Spraying
• Installing Baiting Systems
• Sealing for Prevention of Rodents
• Rodent Trapping
Contact us to stop your bug problem before it becomes a larger issue with our emergency pest control service.